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All Nations Stamp Club
ALL NATIONS STAMP CLUB was built when we lost the Stamp Collecting News board at MSN.  That stamp collecting news group crashed on November 8, 2002 after 152 days of existence.
     As before, our mission is to promote stamp collecting through information exchange and conversation among members.  Since the reconstruction of the group, our club has grown in scope and strength and membership reached 994 at the end of September 2005.
     We proudly feature Round Robins, a buy/sell page, a Trading page, Stamp Chat, Stamp Games, a wonderful Picture Gallery and monthly stamp picture themes, special sections for regional philately as well as loads of information about current stamp issues and general stamp collecting discussion.

     We welcome you to the club, and encourage you to get involved.  On the left navigation bar once you enter the club, you'll find details of all that we currently offer. There's always an information page for those looking to find out more details.

     You can opt to have email delivered directly to your in basket (from the main page, on the far right, select 'My E-mail Settings', and choose from there).  We are happy to say that our message boards are very active, so that may mean a lot of mail in your in basket.  You can also choose to simply visit the board and read all the messages that have been posted.

     Please come, enjoy and be a part of  the best stamp collecting group on the internet.
                                    The Managers and Assistant Managers



The ambitious Mission of the All Nations Stamp Club is to encourage a love of history, art, and camaraderie, depicted by the events, places and people on postal stamps.

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Talk to the Managers

The Managers and Assistant Managers as of September, 2005

The Managers

Brian,   aka "The Stampaholic" (USA)
Founder, and Owner of  All Nations Stamp Club, and the former Stamp Collecting News. The Stamps by Country Section 

Benoît,  aka "taisking" (Canada) 
Manager of Stamp Collector Preferences, Club Map, Stamp games, Auction Page, and French language questions.

Ullmar,  aka "Veriori" (Sweden) 
Chat room Manager, and Philatelic Shortwave Radio Pioneer.

The Assistant Managers

Anna, aka "Anna_K-78" (Sweden)
Members' Links and Stamp Identification Section. 

Unassigned,  aka "XXXX" (XXXXX, XXXX 
Young Collector Zone, junior collectors.

Unassigned,  aka "XXXX" (XXXXX, XXXX)
Philatelic Literature, Clubs & Societies, and Dealers & Auctions Sections. 

Logi, aka "Iceflameman" (Iceland)
Charities, and 
Stamps by Theme Sections (Pending)

Pete, aka "Phillyagain" (Texas, USA)
Beginner's, Complaints, Show, and Games & Puzzle Sections.

Waqas, aka "Waqas" (Pakistan)

Cees, aka "stampy6669" (Netherlands)
Birthday Club.
Picture & Monthly Gallery Section


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