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Here  are the current "How To" articles.

How To Articles

How to Avoid Mistakes

How to be an Expert / Covers

How to be an Expert / Stamps

How to Buy a Magnifier

How to Buy a Watermark Tray

How to Collect Perfins

How to Collect Space Covers

How To Get Stamps

How To Get Stamps Expertized

How to Get the Most from a Stamp Show

How to Invest in Stamps

How To Keep Track of Your Collection

How To Mount and Save Booklets

How To Save Self-Adhesive Stamps

How to Select an Album

How to Sell Stamps

How to Soak Stamps

How to Store Stamps

How to Use a Catalog

How to Use a Perforation Gauge

How to Use a Stamp Catalog

How to Use Hinges, Mounts and Tongs

How to Use Stamp Mounts

How (and Why) to Use Ultraviolet Lighting

How to Watermark Stamps

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