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Stamp Terms

adhesive postage stamp - a stamp that is gummed
bisect - a stamp cut in half and used at half it's value
- four or more stamps joined, at least two across and two down
booklet - panes of stamps bound together between covers
cachet - an inscription on a card marking a special event
cover - an envelope or wrapper used in the mail
cto - stamps cancelled to order, but not used postally
die - an original engraved plate used to prepare a printing plate
embossing - printing stamps with a raised effect
entire - a complete envelope or other postal item
essay - an unused stamp design, or an altered and used one
facsimile - reproduction of a genuine stamp, usually so marked
fdc - abbreviation for first-day-of-issue cover
frank - stamp or other mark indicating free mail service
gutter - blank space between panes of a sheet of stamps
- heavy cancel which wipes out stamp design
mint - unused postage as issued
pane - the four section division of a sheet of stamps
perfin - stamp perforated by initials to prevent unauthorized use
plate number - assigned to a stamp printing plate, useful for plate replacement
precancel - stamp with a printed cancell used for bulk mail
provisional - stamp overprinted during emergency or shortage
se-tenant - attached stamps which differ in denomination, design
spacefiller - submarginal stamp used until a better one is found
strip - three or more stamps joined in a row
unused - a stamp which has not been used, but could have a hinge or no gum
used - a stamp which has been cancelled
vignette - central part of a stamp, shades off at the edges

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