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Attending a Stamp Show
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Attending a Stamp Show

Have you ever visited a stamp exhibition? This is another name for a stamp show. Let's take a trip through one right now.

If you are attending as a member of a school group, you will want to be your usual well-behaved student. Everyone remembers and welcomes back those who make a good impression of behavior.

Most stamp exhibitions don't charge an admission. In fact, when you walk through the main entrance of the show, you will be given a printed directory of the show. This includes information about the stamp club or clubs holding the show. It will also list the exhibits according to their content. And finally it will have a list of the dealers present, listed according to the material they sell. And you may get a door prize ticket for a raffle being held by the show. These drawings are usually held hourly, and winners are announced over the speaker system.

Near the door you will find the table manned by the show officials. Perhaps they will have covers, cacheted with the theme of the show. These are sold for a small amount, and are collected by philatelists. The officials' table will also be able to answer any questions not answered by your directory.

Proceed from there to the exhibits that most interest you. If the exhibits have been judged for awards, you will notice some have ribbons of varying degrees of honor. Names of the exhibitors are not made known before judging, in order that all exhibits may be fairly judged. Try to learn more about your interests by studying the exhibits. Needless to say, we don't lean against or touch the frames of exhibits.

If you are new to the hobby, a good place to visit next is the Youth Booth. Here you will find collectors who are interested in helping you become more informed and capable in stamp collecting. They usually are generous with information, and will encourage you to take whatever they have as gifts for new collectors.

Next stop will be a visit to the dealers' area. This is known as the bourse. Here you will be able to inspect and buy stamps and stamp related products. Just remember that the items you handle should be held with care. This protects quality for yourself, as well as the dealer, as damaged materials will not sell.

If you make a purchase, be sure you have selected the product you want. This will ensure that all parties in the transaction will be satisfied. Some dealers will sell at discount, and it is all right to inquire politely.

While visiting the bourse, look for any booths set up by postal agencies of foreign countries. If you collect stamps of those countries, you will be able to purchase the stamps at or near face value.

Also check if any lectures or meetings are being held by any groups in which you have an interest. Besides this, postal authorities many times hold first-day ceremonies for newly released stamp issues. These ceremonies are well attended for the souvenirs that are given.

As you can see there is much to do in visiting a stamp exhibition.

Finally, on one evening of the stamp show, a dinner is held. At the dinner awards for the exhibits are given. If dinner tickets
are available you may attend. Good food and good fellowship are evident at the dinner

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