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Making a Postage Stamp Album Book
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Making a Postage Stamp Album Book

Once you have arranged your stamps, they will become a collection. You will want to have an album book to keep and show your postage stamps.

The easiest album book to make and use will be a binder to hold pages for your postage stamps.

Simply put plain paper into the binder book. Write the name of the country, or the subject of your
stamp designs that you want to save at the top of the page. Place your postage stamps on this page. If you put the postage stamps on the page as by subject, that is called a topic or thematic collection. When you have enough postage stamps, try to telling a story using the pictures.

If you want to collect by country, place the postage stamps of each country on a separate page and leave room for more postage stamps. There are stamp catalogs in your library that picture all the postage stamps of every country in the world.

Some stamp collectors use a stamp stockbook for their stamp collections. These stamp stockbooks have their pages with sections where you can place the postage stamps. The nice thing about the stamp stockbook pages is that you can arrange the postage stamp collection any way that you want.

Always keep the stamp album in a standing position so that no postage stamps fall out. When you open this stamp album, it will be flat on the table, making it easier to look at your postage stamps

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