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Scott Catalogue Prefixes

All listings are from the Standard Catalogue except those marked otherwise. (Countries in parenthesis are samples, not necessarily the only user. Those noted as Italy often appear in the colonies, etc.) This listing appears through the courtesy of Stuart Morrissey, Vice President and Publisher, Scott Publishing Company.

A thru Z- Revenue Stamped Paper, Suffix
A- Forerunner (India, stamps used abroad)
AR- Postal-Fiscal
AX- Forerunners (CSA-Postmasters’ Provisionals)
B Semi-postal
BK- Booklets (US, GB)
BKC- Airmail booklets, US Specialized only
C Airmail
CB- Airmail Semipostal (Italy)
CBO- Airmail Semi-postal official (Cyrenaica)
CE- Airmail Special Delivery
CL- Semi-official Airmail, US Specialized only
CM- Military Airmail (US RF overprints), US Specialized only
CO- Airmail Official
CP- Commemorative Panel, Suffix
CQ- Airmail Parcel Post (Haiti)
D- Pneumatic (Italy)
E- Special Delivery
E- Essay, Suffix
EB- Semi-postal Special Delivery (Italy)
EO- Special Delivery Official
ER- Delivery Tax (Spain)
EX- Personal Delivery (Czechoslovakia)
EY- Authorized Delivery (Italy)
F Registration
FA- Certified Mail, US Specialized only
G- Insured Letter (Mexico)
GY- Marine Insurance (Netherlands)
H- Acknowledgment of Receipt
H- Flat Plate Imperf Coil, also V, Suffix
I- Late Fee (Panama, Denmark, etc.)
J- Postage Due
JX- Porte de Mar (Mexico)
JQ- Parcel Post Postage Due (US)
K- Offices (US, Poland, etc.)
KB- Exile Government Semi-postal (Poland, etc.)
L- Local
LB- Local Semi-postal (Yugoslavia, Spain) see SUS
LB- Local Carriers’, also in Standard Catalogue
LC- Local Airmail (Spain)
LE- Local Special Delivery (Yugoslavia, Spain)
LEB- Local Semi-postal Special delivery (Spanish Morocco)
LF- Department (local) Registration
LH- Department Acknowledgment of Receipt
LJ- Local Postage Due (Saudi Arabia, etc.)
LN- Occupation Postage (Italy)
LNC- Occupation Airmail (Italy)
LNE- Occupation Special Delivery (Italy)
LO- Local Official (Nicaragua)
LO- Official Carriers’ (US)
LOX- Typeset Post office Seals, US Specialized only
LP- Local Newspaper (Yugoslavia)
LQ- Local Parcel Post (PRC)
LU- Local Envelope (US, Switzerland)
LUP- Local Wrapper, US Specialized only
LX- City Postage (Sweden, Colombia)
M- Military
MB- Military Semi-postal (Austria, etc.)
MC- Military Airmail
MCE- Military Airmail Special Delivery (Italy)
ME- Military Special Delivery (Italy)
MH- Machins (GB), see NIMH, SMH, WMMH
MP- Military Newspaper (Austria)
MQ- Military Parcel Post (Germany)
MR- War Tax
N- Occupation
NB- Occupation Semi-postal
MC- Occupation Airmail (Montenegro)
NCB- Occupation Airmail Semi-postal (Montenegro)
NCE- Occupation Airmail Special Delivery (Yugoslavia)
NE- Occupation Special Delivery
MIMH- Machins (GB-Northern Ireland)
NJ- Occupation Postage Due
NL- Occupation Rural Delivery (Poland)
NO- Occupation Official
NP- Occupation Newspaper
NRA- Occupation Postal Tax (Romania, Greece)
NRAJ- Occupation Postal Tax Due (Romania)
NU- Occupation Envelopes, US Specialized only
NUX- Occupation Postal Card, US Specialized only
NUZ- Occupation Official Card, US Specialized only
O- Official
OA- Official Perfin Postage (Canada) Classic Catalogue, only
OAC- Official Perfin Airmail (Canada) Classic Catalogue, only
OAE- Official Perfin Special Delivery (Canada) Classic Catalogue, only
OB- Official Perfin Postage (Australia) Classic Catalogue, only
OC- Official Perfin Postage (Australia); Airmail (Canada) Classic Catalogue, only
OCC- Official Perfin Airmail (Australia) Classic Catalogue, only
OCE- Official Perfin Airmail Special Delivery (Canada) Classic Catalogue, only
OD- Official Department (Argentina)
OE- Official Perfin Special Delivery (Canada) Classic Catalogue, only
Ol- Local Official (Germany)
OX- Post Office Seal (Official Seal) (US, Canada, Newfoundland-Classic)
OY- Life Insurance (New Zealand)
P- Newspaper (Cuba, etc.) see PR
P- Proof, Suffix
PN- Postal Note, US Specialized only
PR- Newspaper Tax (Hungary), Newspaper (US)
PS- Postal Savings, US Specialized only
Q- Parcel Post
QE- Special Handling (US, Bosnia, Austria)
QI- Postal Insurance, US Specialized only
QO- Parcel Post Official (Guyana)
QY- Parcel Post Authorized Delivery (Italy)
R- Revenue (US)
RA- Postal Tax
RAB- Semi-postal Postal Tax (Brazil, Greece)
RAC- Airmail Postal-tax (Dominican Republic, Haiti)
RAJ- Postal Tax Due
RB- Proprietary (US)
RC- Future Delivery (US)
RD- Stock Transfer (US)
RE- Cordials, Wines, Etc., US Specialized only
REA- Beer, US Specialized only
RF- Playing Card, US Specialized only
RFV- Playing Card-DWI, US Specialized only
RG- Silver Tax, US Specialized only
RH- Cigarette Tube, US Specialized only
RI- Potato Tax, US Specialized only
RJ- Tobacco Sale Tax, US Specialized only
RJA- Narcotic Tax, US Specialized only
RK- Consular Service Fee, US Specialized only
RL- Customs Fee, US Specialized only
RM- Embossed Stamped Paper, US Specialized only
RN- Revenue Stamps Paper, US Specialized only
RO- Private Die Match, US Specialized only
RP- Private Die Canned Fruit, US Specialized only
RQ- Unemployment Insurance (Ryukyu), US Specialized only
RS- Private Die Medicine, US Specialized only
RT- Private Die Perfumery, US Specialized only
RU- Private Die Playing Card, US Specialized only
RV- Motor Vehicle Use, US Specialized only
RVB- Boating, US Specialized only
RVC- Camping, US Specialized only
RVT- Trailer Permit, US Specialized only
RW- Hunting Permit (US)
RX- Distilled Spirits, US Specialized only
RY- Firearms Transfer, US Specialized only
RZ- Rectification, US Specialized only
S- Savings, US Specialized only
S- Franchise
S- Specimen, Suffix
SMH- Machins (GB-Scotland)
T- Telegraph, US Specialized only
TC- Trial Color Proof, Suffix
TO- Official Telegraph, US Specialized only
TS- Treasury Savings, US Specialized only
U- Envelopes (US etc., GB)
UC- Airmail Envelope (US)
UCM- Military Airmail Envelope (US RF overprints), US Specialized only
UE- Special Delivery Envelope (Hawaii), US Specialized only
UF- Registration Envelope (CZ), US Specialized only
UO- Official Envelope (US)
UX- Postal Card, US Specialized only
UXC- Airmail Postal Card
UY- Reply Postal Card
UZ- Official Postal card, US Specialized only
V- Flat Plate Imperf Coil, also H, Suffix
W- Wrapper, US Specialized only
WMMH- Machins (G-Wales & Monmouthshire)
WO- Official Wrapper, US Specialized only
WS- War Savings, US Specialized only
WX- Christmas Seals, US Specialized only
X- Postmaster’ Provisionals (Bermuda, US)
XI-XR- Postmasters’ Provisional Revenue (Ryukyu), US Specialized only
XU- Postmasters’ Provisional Envelope
Y- Revolutionary Government Postage (Philippines), US Specialized only
YF- Revolutionary Government Registration (Philippines), US Specialized only
YP- Revolutionary Government Postage (Philippines), US Specialized only
Z- Special Purpose (Japan)

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