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Shows and Societies

  1. Århus Frimærke Klub (Hans Jørgen Høy - Denmark)
  2. 3C-Covers (Henry Pritchard - United States)
  3. ABB Frim_rksklubb (Lennart Ryberg - Sweden)
  4. Abrafite - Associação Brasileira de Filatelia Temática (Brazil)
  5. Accueil (France)
  6. The Aerogramme Society (Jerome V. V. Kasper - United States)
  7. The Aerogramme Society (Tom Adami - Australia)
  8. AFDCS Chapter 73 Handdrawn and Handpainted First Day Covers (United States)
  9. AIDA - Associazione Italiana di Aerofilatelia (Italy)
  10. AIM - Associazione Italiana di Maximafilia (Italy)
  11. Airmail Society of New Zealand (New Zealand)
  12. Albertino de Figueiredo Foundation for Philately (Nieves Olea - Spain)
  13. Alingsås Philately Club Ungdom (Emil Gildebrand - Sweden)
  14. All China Philatelic Federation (China)
  15. American Air Mail Society Exhibiting Awards (American Air Mail Society - United States)
  16. American Air Mail Society (Ken Sanford - United States)
  17. American First Day Cover Society (United States)
  18. American First Day Cover Society (United States)
  19. American Helvetia Philatelic Society (George Struble - United States)
  20. The American Philatelic Foundation (Michael DuBasso - United States)
  21. American Philatelic Society (Wendy Masorti - United States)
  22. American Plate Number Single Society (Norman Wood - United States)
  23. American Revenue Association (Martin Richardson - United States)
  24. American Society for Netherlands Philatelists (Hans Kremer - United States)
  25. American Society of Polar Philatelists (Gary Pierson - United States)
  26. The American Stamp Club of Great Britain United States and United Nations Stamps (M. Simons - United Kingdom)
  27. American Stamp Dealers Association Online (United States)
  28. American Topical Association - Wine on Stamps Study Unit (James D.Crum, President - United States)
  29. American Topical Association (Paul den Ouden)
  30. Amsterdamse Postzegel JeugdClub Online (The Netherlands)
  31. ANCAI - Associazione Nazionale Collezionisti Annullamenti Italiani (Italy)
  32. Anchorage Philatelic Society (Robert Spaugy - United States)
  33. The Andorran Philatelic Study Circle (E. J. Jewell - United Kingdom)
  34. Andover Stamp Club (Steve Jarvis - United Kingdom)
  35. Arab Gulf and Yemen Stamp Group (United States)
  36. ARGE Bulgaria, Interessengemeinschaft fuer Bulgariensammler Interest Group for Collectors of Bulgarian Stamps (Roland Leins - Germany)
  37. ArGe Germania e.V. (Ludger Breil - Germany)
  38. Armed Forces Stamp Exchange Club (Larry O. Sundholm, Executive Secretary - United States)
  39. Art Cover Exchange (United States)
  40. Art Cover Exchange (United States)
  41. Asociación Filatélica Temática Argentina (Christian Gabriel Perez - Argentina)
  42. Association of British Philatelic Societies (Graeme MacDonald - United Kingdom)
  43. Association of Essex Philatelic Societies (Charlie Mead - United Kingdom)
  44. Association of Mexican Philately (Mexico)
  45. Associação Filatélica e Numismática de Santa Catarina - AFSC (Professor Soares - Brazil)
  46. Astro Space Stamp Society (Derek Clarke & Jeff Dugdale - United Kingdom)
  47. The Astro Space Stamp Society (Jeff Dugdale - United Kingdom)
  48. Atlanta Stamp Collectors Club (Peter Roberts - United States)
  49. Australian Philatelic Federation (Deryn Druce - Australia)
  50. Australian Philatelic Society (John R. Tollan - Australia)
  51. Australian Philatelic Society (Australia)
  52. Austrian Philatelic Society (Andy Taylor - United Kingdom)
  53. Avenir de Sarcelles Philatelie (Frederic - France)
  54. Bakersfield Stamp Club (Sarah Perelli-Minetti - United States)
  55. Baltimore Philatelic Society Information About BALPEX (Robert Gibson - United States)
  56. Baroda Philatelic Society Baroda (Vadodara), India (Prashant H. Pandya - United States)
  57. Baroda Philatelic Society (Prashant Pandya - India)
  58. Basildon Philatelic Society (Charlie Mead - United Kingdom)
  59. Bay Area Perfins Association (Alan Sandy - United States)
  60. Beach Philatelics/ACE (Steve Francolla - United States)
  61. Bechuanalands and Botswana Society (Neville Midwood - United Kingdom)
  62. Belfast Phiatelic Society (Ireland)
  63. Belgian Postal Stationery Society (BPSS - Belgium)
  64. Belgium Stamps and PhonecardClub (Marina Abelshausen - Belgium)
  65. Bellingham Stamp Club (Frederick Highland - United States)
  66. Bellville Philatelic Society (Reanie Janse van Vuuren - South Africa)
  67. Belmophil - Belgian Philatelic Study Circle (Roger J-B E Verpoort, Promoter - Belgium)
  68. BEPHILA 2001 - Rang 2 Exhibition (Norbert Sehler - Germany)
  69. Berliner Ganzsachen-Sammler-Verein (Norbert Sehler - Germany)
  70. Bologna's Numismatic and Philatelic Association (Italy)
  71. Bosnia Study Group (Hal Hite - United States)
  72. Brantford Stamp Club (Canada)
  73. Breifmarkenfreunde Sulzbach-Rosenberg e.V. (Germany)
  74. Briefmarken-Jugend Hamburg - Rissen (Adolf Schmedding und Sebastian Ballendat - Germany)
  75. Briefmarken-Sammler-Gemeinscaft 1938 Velbert e.V. (Germany)
  76. Briefmarken-Sammler-Verein Esslingen von 1893 e.V. (Germany)
  77. Briefmarken-Sammlerbund e.V. Grenzach-Wyhlen (Germany)
  78. Briefmarkenfreunde Horb e.V. (Germany)
  79. Briefmarkenfreunde Leer (Oswald.Janssen - Germany)
  80. Briefmarkenkunde Ulm 1883 e.V.(VBK), Briefmarkensammler-Gemeinschaft Ulm(BSG/BSW) (Germany)
  81. Brighton Philatelic Society (Charles Bromsert - Australia)
  82. The British Aerophilatelic Federation (Marino Riosa - United Kingdom)
  83. British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group (Dr Russell Skavaril - United States)
  84. British Collectors Club of Nova Scotia (Canada)
  85. British North America Philatelic Society (Robert Lane - Canada)
  86. British Philatelic Trust (Graeme MacDonald - United Kingdom)
  87. British Railway Postcard Collector's Circle (Tony Harden - United Kingdom)
  88. British Society of Russian Philately (Anatoly Kiryushkin - United Kingdom)
  89. British Virgin Islands Philatelic Society (British Virgin Islands, West Indies)
  90. British West Indies Study Circle (Steve Jarvis - United Kingdom)
  91. Bruphila '99 (Leon Ponce - Belgium)
  92. Bullseye Cancel Collector's Club (Jeffrey Hayward - United States)
  93. Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Bahnpost (RPO) in Germany (Horst Brix - Germany)
  94. Bureau Issues Association (BIA) 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee (Roland Austin - United States)
  95. The Burma Philatelic Study Circle (Richard Warren - United Kingdom)
  96. Cairns Stamp Club - Philatelic Society (Alan Sparks - Australia)
  97. Calgary Philatelic Society (Tim Presber - Canada)
  98. Calumet Stamp Club (United States)
  99. Camara Brasileira de Filatelia (Henrique Cruz - Brazil)
  100. Cambio di indirizzo (Gotelli Mario - Italy)
  101. Canadian Forces Philatelic Society (David Gronbeck-Jones - Canada)
  102. Canadian Perfins Study Group British North America Philatelic Society (Joe Coulbourne - Canada)
  103. Canadian Postal Stationery Study Group (Steven Whitcombe - Canada)
  104. Canal Zone Study Group (Alan Bentz - United States)
  105. Canpex 2000 (New Zealand)
  106. Captain Cook Study Unit (Ian Boreham - United Kingdom)
  107. The Carriers and Locals Society (Martin Richardson - United States)
  108. Casey Jones Railroad Unit of ATA ( - United States)
  109. Catalina Stamp Club A Kid's Stamp Club (Tim Odom - United States)
  110. CCC - Club Collection & Communication (France)
  111. Cedar Rapids Stamp Club (Christopher Dahle - United States)
  112. Centennial Stamp Club (Wolfgang Richter, Secretary - Canada)
  113. Centro Filatelico Lujan (Sergio M La Rosa - Argentina)
  114. Centro International De Filatelia y Numismatica (Alejandro Torres - Chile)
  115. Centro Italiano Filatelia Resistenza (Italy)
  116. Cercle Philatélique Roman (Jacques Mayne - Belgium)
  117. Cercle Philatelique Mamer (Ralph Letsch - Luxembourg)
  118. Champaign-Urbana Stamp Club (Rob Leigh - United States)
  119. The Channel Islands Specialists' Society (Ron Osborne - United Kingdom)
  120. Charlotte Philatelic Society (Harold B. Reiter - United States)
  121. Chemnitzer Briefmarken Club 1990 e. V. (Patrick Lohse - Germany)
  122. Chicago Philatelic Society (Andrew Oleksiuk - United States)
  123. China Philatelic Association (Charles Chan - Hong Kong)
  124. China Stamp Society (Sam Chiu - United States)
  125. Chittenden County Stamp Club (Paul Abajian - United States)
  126. Christchurch Philately (Steven McLachlan - New Zealand)
  127. Christmas Philatelic Club (Kathy Ward - Canada)
  128. Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society (Betsy Berry - United States)
  129. Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society (Donald R. Ager - United States)
  130. Cinderella Stamp Club (C M Philip - United Kingdom)
  131. Circolo Filatelico Numismatico Cremonese (Ivan Bonardi - Italy)
  132. Civil Censorhsip Study Group (Karl Winkelman - United Kingdom)
  133. Civil Censorship Study Group (Karl Winkelmann - United Kingdom)
  134. Clermont County Stamp Club (Janet Klug - United States)
  135. Club Filat‚lico Jos‚ Cuadra Argello (Ren‚ Sandino - Canada)
  136. Club Filatelico Baden-Powell de Mexico (Mexico)
  137. Club Filatelico de Caracas (Alberto Moratty - Venezuela)
  138. Club Filatelico Guayaquil (Ecuador)
  139. Clube Nacional de Filatelia (Paulo Silva - Portugal)
  140. Coin & Stamp Club of the University of British Columbia (Clayton Lam - Canada)
  141. ColFra Association of Collectors of French Colony Stamps (Jacques Merot, President - France)
  142. Collecting Stamps Club (Wayne Miller)
  143. Collector 2001 (Czech Republic)
  144. The Collectors Club (K.D. Steidley - United States)
  145. Collectors of Religion on Stamps (Verna Shackleton - United States)
  146. Collectors.Org National Association of Collectors (United States)
  147. Colorado Springs Stamp Club (Keith Larson - United States)
  148. The Columbus Philatelic Club, Inc. (W. Beau - United States)
  149. Confederate Stamp Alliance Home Page (Dick Byne - United States)
  150. Consejo Mexicano de la Filatelia (Mexican Philatelic Council) (Jaime Benavides - Mexico)
  151. COSSU Chess on Stamps Study Unit (COSSU - United States)
  152. Council of Northern California Philatelic Societies (CNCPS) (Leonard Holmsten, President - United States)
  153. The Cover Collectors Circuit Club (Thomas M. Fortunato - United States)
  154. Creative Retirement Stamp Club (Manitoba, Canada)
  155. Croatian Philatelic Society (USA) (Ekrem Spahich - United States)
  156. Croatian Society of Olympic Philately & Memorabilia (Ivan Libric - Croatia)
  157. Croydon Philatelic Society (John Ray - Great Britain)
  158. Cuban Philatelic Society of America (Ernesto Cuesta - United States)
  159. CyberStamp Club (Bruce Kilgour - South Africa)
  160. Cyprus Study Circle (Jim Wigmore - United Kingdom)
  161. Czech National Stamp Exhibition BRNO 2000 (Jaroslav Puncochar - Czech Republic)
  162. Czech Philatelic Societies (Lubor Kunc - Czech Republic)
  163. Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain (Ian Nickson - United Kingdom)
  164. Czechoslovak Philately (Jaroslav Verner - United States)
  165. Dakshina Kannada Philatelic Association (YV Jeppu - India)
  166. Danish Philatelic Federation (Carsten Abildgaard - Denmark)
  167. The Danish Postal History Society (Toke Nørby - Denmark)
  168. The Danish Thematic Society (Frode Vesterby Knudsen, President - Denmark)
  169. Danish West Indies Study Unit (John L. DuBois - United States)
  170. Database of Dealers, Trade Associations, and Shows (Desiderata - United Kingdom)
  171. Den Maritime Frimærkeklub (Norway)
  172. Deutsche Philatelisten Jugend e.V. An Association of more than 600 Philatelic Youth Groups in Germany (Heiner Schrop - Germany)
  173. Die Suhler-Briefmarkensammlervereine (André Nursinski - Germany)
  174. Dinofossil Club (El Salvador, United States, Venezuela, Czech Republic and Spain)
  175. Disabled Collector's Correspondence Club (DCCC) (Glen Chisholm - United States)
  176. Dogs on Stamps Study Unit (Morris Raskin - United States)
  177. Dundee & Districts Philatelic Society (P Dix - Scotland)
  178. Dundee Philatelic Society unofficial (David Stirrups - United Kingdom)
  179. Dutch Society of Postage Stamp Dealers (N.V.P.H.) (Erik Boeré, Webmaster - Netherlands)
  180. Dutch Stamp Collectors Association Scandinavia (The Netherlands)
  181. Dutch Stamps Collectors Association - Scandinavia (H.P. Burgman - Netherlands)
  182. Earlwood and Districts Stamp Club (Adam Morehouse - Australia)
  183. East Midlands & East Anglia Philatelic Federation (Keith Rippin - United Kingdom)
  184. Ebony Society Of Philatelic Events and Reflections (Sanford L. Byrd - United States)
  185. The Edmonton Stamp Club (Canada)
  186. EFO Collectors Club Errors, Freaks, Oddities (James E Mcdevitt - United States)
  187. Eindhoven Stamp Club (The Netherlands)
  188. Eire Philatelic Association (Michael Connolly - United States)
  189. El Salvador Collectors Club (Joe Hahn - United States)
  190. EMIWS Stamp Museum (Emile B. Badir)
  191. Empire State Postal History Society (Glenn A. Estus - United States)
  192. Erie County Coin Stamp & Currency Show (Rolf Hjalmarson - United States)
  193. España 2000 World Philatelic Exposition (Spain)
  194. Estonian Philatelic Federation (Kalju Müür - Estonia)
  195. Ethiopian Philatelic Society Related Links
  196. Ethiopian Philatelic Society (Floyd Heiser - United States)
  197. Ethiopian Philatelic Society (Floyd Heiser - United States)
  198. Ethiopian Philatelic Society (Floyd Heiser - United States)
  199. European Academy of Philately (Carlos Pimenta, Webmaster - France)
  200. European Club of the C.E.B.A.T. (Michel Liechtele, President - France)
  201. Expotem 1ra. Muestra Filatelica Temßtica On-line (Christian G. Perez - Argentina)
  202. FAI - Study Circle for Irish Philately in Germany (Klaus Stange - Germany)
  203. Farnborough Stamp Club (Alan Hitchman - United Kingdom)
  204. Febraf - Brazil Federation of Philately (Brazil)
  205. Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California (United States)
  206. Federation of Central New York Philatelic Societies, Inc. (United States)
  207. Federation of German Auctioneering Firms (RA Dieter Löhr - Germany)
  208. Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP)
  209. Federation of Norwegian Philatelists (Hallvard Slettebo - Norway)
  210. Federation of the Italian Philatelic Societies (Italy)
  211. FFAP: French Federation of Philatelic Societies (France)
  212. FGGB British Philately in Germany (Germany)
  213. Filatelia de Europa Oriental (1900-1945) - Don Sello (Miguel Navajas Ojeda - Spain)
  214. Filatelisten Vereniging NOVIOPOST (The Netherlands)
  215. Filatelistenvereniging de Globe te Barneveld (Pieter Broekema - Netherlands)
  216. Filatelisticna zveza Slovenije (Patricio Bulic - Slovenia)
  217. Filatelistische Contactgroep Oost Europa Eastern Europe Philately (Secretary: A. Welvaart - Netherlands)
  218. The Finnish Society for Thematic Philately (Ms. Seija-Riitta Laakso - Finland)
  219. FIP Postal Stationery Commission (Ross A. Towle - United States)
  220. FIP Section for Astrophilately (Charles Bromser - Australia)
  221. The FIPO Virtual Gallery Olympic Stamps (International Olympic Philately Federation)
  222. Foothill Stamp Club (United States)
  223. Forces Postal History Society (Karl Winkelman - United Kingdom)
  224. Forschungsgemeinschaft Kanalinseln and Insel Man Club of Collectors of the Channel Islands (Guernsey/Jersey) and the Isle of Man Leopold Mayr - Germany)
  225. Fossil Stamp Club
  226. France & Colonies Philatelic Society (Kris Haggblom - United States)
  227. France and Colonies Philatelic Society unofficial (David Stirrups - United Kingdom)
  228. Fredericton District Stamp Club Online Bourse (Canada)
  229. French Philatelic Academy (Andre Hurtre - France)
  230. French Topical Philately Association (Louis Collinet - France)
  231. Freophil Fremantle & Districts Philatelic Society Inc. (Chris de Haer - Australia)
  232. Frespex / Fresno Philatelic Society (Richard Harisson - United States)
  233. Fri & Frank - Barnas Philately Club (Norway)
  234. Friends of Philately (Canada)
  235. Fundy Stamp Collectors Club (Canada)
  236. Garfield-Perry Stamp Club (Tom Mahon - United States)
  237. Gay & Lesbian History on Stamps Club (United States)
  238. Gems, Minerals and Jewelry Study Unit American Topical Association (United States)
  239. German Perfin Society (Alfred Wirth - Germany)
  240. German Philatelic Federation (Germany)
  241. German Philatelic Youth Association (Germany)
  242. German Scout Stamp Association (Germany)
  243. German Stamp Lexicon (B. Wagner - Germany)
  244. German Studygroup for Nordic Countries within the German BDPh (Dr. Reinhard Meyer - Germany)
  245. Germany Philatelic Society (Jerry Jensen - Germany)
  246. Gibraltar Philatelic Society unofficial (David Stirrups - United Kingdom)
  247. Gibraltar Study Circle unofficial (David Stirrups - United Kingdom)
  248. Glasgow 2000 National Philatelic Exhibition (Douglas Boyle - Scotland)
  249. Glasgow Philatelic Society (John Morgan - Scotland)
  250. Goldfields Philatelic Society (Meyer de Kock - South Africa)
  251. The Grand River Valley Philatelic Association (Peter & Athena Jarvis - Canada)
  252. Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle (Hanns Jörg Fasching - United Kingdom)
  253. Great Britain Philatelic Society Old Site (United Kingdom)
  254. Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS - England)
  255. Greater Augusta Stamp Club (Lloyd A. de Vries - United States)
  256. Greater Saint Louis Stamp Club (Alan Barasch, President - United States)
  257. Greater Toronto Phonecard Club (Che-keung Ng - Canada)
  258. Grimstad Filatelistklubb (Bjorn Engh - Norway)
  259. Group for Revenues and Cinderellas (Thorbjorn Wikstrom - Sweden)
  260. Grupo Tematico Musica Afita (Meguerdich Papazian - Argentina)
  261. gsi'BRIA 2001 Exhibition 14th to 16th Sept in Rankweil, Austria (Franz Zehenter - Austria)
  262. Guglielmo Marconi Philatelic Club (Ray Minichiello - United States)
  263. Guildford and District Philatelic Society (Tony Clayton - United Kingdom)
  264. Göteborgs Filatelistförening (Anders Martinson - Sweden)
  265. HAFNIA 01 World Philatelic Exhibition in Copenhagen (16. - 21. October 2001) (Denmark)
  266. HAFNIA 2001 (Paul Bischoff - Denmark)
  267. Halifax Grammar School Junior Stamp Club (Canada)
  268. Halifax Junior Stamp Club (Canada)
  269. Ham Radio Stamp Club (Germany)
  270. Hamar Filatelist Klubbs (Tore Moløkken - Norway)
  271. Hamilton Philatelic Society (Peter de Kat - Canada)
  272. HamM Stamps Club (Manfred G. Bussemer - Germany)
  273. Hampshire Philatelic Federation (Julian Jones - United Kingdom)
  274. Hawaii Postcard Club (United States)
  275. The Hawaiian Philatelic Society (Wayne Yakuma, President - United States)
  276. Hellenic Philatelic Society of Great Britain (United Kingdom)
  277. Hellenic Philatelic Society (Greece)
  278. Helsingfors Frim„rkssamlare F”rening (G. Kock - Finland)
  279. Henry Clay Philatelic Society (United States)
  280. Herford Stamp Club (Germany)
  281. High Wycombe and District Philatelic Society (Paul Herber - United Kingdom)
  282. Hong Kong Baptist University Philatelic Association (HKBU Philatelic Association - Hong Kong)
  283. Hong Kong Philatelic and Numismatic Society (Danny Ko and Edmond Yeh - Hong Kong)
  284. The Hong Kong Philatelic Society (Hong Kong)
  285. Hong Kong Post 2001 Stamp Exhibition (Hong Kong)
  286. Hong Kong Stamp Society (Dr. A. M. Chung, Secretary - United States)
  287. Hong Kong Study Circle (Michel Houde, Webmaster - Canada)
  288. Houston Philatelic Society (Jonathan Topper - United States)
  289. Hualien Philatelic Society (Yuying - Taiwan)
  290. Hull and District Philatelic Society (Robert McMillan, Secretary - United Kingdom)
  291. The Hungarian Philatelist's Association (Szucs Karoly - Hungary)
  292. Hunphilex 2000 Budapest Opening 18th August 2000 (MAB+OSZ, Szncs Kßroly - Hungary)
  293. IFSDA: International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations (Preben Jensen, Secretary)
  294. INDEPEX ASIANA - 2000 14th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition (Department of Posts India - India)
  295. India Study Circle (Mrs J.M. Brand - United Kingdom)
  296. Indiana Postal History Society,Inc. (Russ Ryle - United States)
  297. Indiana Stamp Club (Randy Marcy - United States)
  298. Indonesia Philatelic Writers Society (IPWS - Indonesia)
  299. IndyPex Stamp Show (Randy Marcy - United States)
  300. Insects on Stamps (Darren Pollock - Canada)
  301. International Aero-Philately Club IAPC - Luftpost (E. Schuppan - Germany)
  302. International Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (Charles Bromsert - Australia)
  303. International Association of Philatelic Experts (Dr. Wolfgang Hellrigl, President - Italy)
  304. International Collectors Society (Meyer Baron - United States)
  305. International Fair COLLECTOR Prague 2001 (Jindrich Jirasek - Czechoslovakia)
  306. International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies (France)
  307. International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies (Stefan Bruylants - Belgium)
  308. International Group of Sports and Olympic Collectors Group (Thomas Lippert - Germany)
  309. International Philatelic Club (Spain)
  310. International Philatelic Exhibition (Julian Gecelter - South Africa)
  311. International Philatelic Federation (Fedération Internationale de Philatélie - FIP) (Knud Mohr, FIP President)
  312. International Philatelic Golf Society Online (United States)
  313. International Philatelic Society of Joint Stamp Issues Collectors (Richard Zimmermann - France)
  314. The International Society for Japanese Philately (Lois M. Evans-deViolini - United States)
  315. International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors (Thomas M. Fortunato - United States)
  316. Internationale Motivgruppe Eisenbahnwesen Railway Philately (Horst Brix - Germany)
  317. Internationale Motivgruppe Olympiaden und Sport IMOS - Online (Germany)
  318. Internationaler Aero-Philatelisten Club (Eberhard Schuppan - Germany)
  319. Irish Airmail Society (Karl Winkelmann - United States)
  320. Forschungs und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Irland: Irish Collecting Society in Germany (Klaus Stange - Germany)
  321. The Irish Philatelic Circle (Eddy Dalton - United Kingdom)
  322. Irish Philatelic Circle (Frank McDonald - Ireland)
  323. Isle of Man Study Circle (Germany)
  324. ISPP (International Society of Portuguese Philatelists) (Tracy Barber - United States)
  325. Israel Philatelic Federation (Tibi Yaniv - Israel)
  326. Italian Center for Resistance Philately (Richard E. Scott, Jr. - Italy)
  327. Italian Center for Thematic Philately (Italy)
  328. Italy and Colonies Study Circle (Andy Harris - United Kingdom)
  329. Izegemse Postzegelclub (Belgium)
  330. Japan Philatelic Society (Japan)
  331. The Jersey Philatelic Society (John Hercock - Jersey)
  332. Jeugdclub van PZV Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen (Toon Oomens - Netherlands)
  333. Jockey Hollow Stamp Club (Bill Wineburgh - United States)
  334. Johnson Space Center Stamp Club (Stan Schmidt, President - United States)
  335. Joint School Philatelic Association (Japan)
  336. The Joint School Philatelic Exhibition (John Chan - Hong Kong)
  337. The Journal of the United Nations Philatelist, Inc. (United Nations)
  338. Junge Briefmarkenfreunde Berlin e.V. (Reinhard Nitzsche - Germany)
  339. Junge Briefmarkenfreunde Mainz (Lothar Both - Germany)
  340. Jungen Briefmarkenfreunde Harburg (Germany)
  341. Junior Philatelists of America (Joseph Lee - United States)
  342. Juvalux 98 World Philatelic Exhibition For Postal History and Youth Philately (Luxembourg)
  343. Juventud FAEF (Christian Gabriel Perez - Argentina)
  344. Juventud FAEF (Christian Gabriel Perez - Argentina)
  345. JY Stamps 2000 Promoting Philately in Western Australia (Jeff Trin - Australia)
  346. Karlstads Frimarksungdom (Tomas Carlson - Sweden)
  347. Karmøy Philately Club (Norway)
  348. KAT-ATM Belgian Studygroup about Postage Labels and Stamps (Belgium)
  349. Kirkcaldy Stamp and Postcard Club (T. Manson - Scotland)
  350. Kjobenhavns Philatelist Klub (Torben Mehl Jorgensen - Denmark)
  351. Kongsberg Philately Club (Thor Stensrud - Norway)
  352. Korea Stamp Club (Yahoo Club) (Richard Slezak - South Korea)
  353. Korea Stamp Society, Inc. (USA) (Harold N. Penn - United States)
  354. Kristiansands Philately Club (Norway)
  355. La Philatelie Chinoise French Club for Chinese Stamps Collectors (Didier Maistre - France)
  356. LANDESRING Saar e.V. der Jungen Briefmarkenfreunde (Germany)
  357. Las Estampillas Postales de Mexico Official Web Page of Jalisco Filatelico (Jose M. Correa - Mexico)
  358. Las Estampillas Postales de Mexico Official Web Page of Jalisco Filatelico (Jose M. Correa - Mexico)
  359. Latin American Philatelic Society (United States)
  360. Lawton/Fort Sill Stamp Club (Sharon Loeffler - United States)
  361. Leamington and Warwick Philatelic Society (Nick Bridgwater - United Kingdom)
  362. Les Timbres de Boisbriand (Laurens Lionel - Canada)
  363. Les Varietes de Piquage (Claude Smeets - Belgium)
  364. Liberian Philatelic Society (Tom Richards - United States)
  365. Library of Congress Philatelic Club
  366. Liechtensteiner Philatelisten-Verband LPHV (Letzte Änderung - Liechtenstein)
  367. Philatelic Club Lituanica (Antanas Jankauskas - Lithuania)
  368. Liverpool Philatelic Society (Dr P H Dangerfield - United Kingdom)
  369. Luxembourg Collectors Club (Gary Little - United States)
  370. Lynchburg Stamp Club (Luther and Celia Farinholt - United States)
  371. Machine Cancel Society (Bob Swanson - United States)
  372. Mail by Rail (F. J. Wilson - England)
  373. Mailer's Postmark Permit Club (Peter A. Bookman, Secretary - United States)
  374. Malaya Study Group (Joe Robertson, Secretary - United Kingdom)
  375. Malaysia Stamp Club (Yahoo! Club) (Lim Yeow Ming - Malaysia)
  376. Malden Stamp Club (Mary Lou Mallon, President - United States)
  377. Malta Philatelic Society Maltese Stamps and Postal History (Walter Rizzo - Malta)
  378. Manchester & District Philatelic Traders' Association (Mike Allison - United Kingdom)
  379. Maple Leaf Chapter (Canada)
  380. Masks on Stamps Study Unit American Topical Association (Carolyn A.Weber, Secretary-Treasurer - United States)
  381. Mathematical Study Unit (MSU) (Monty Strauss - United States)
  382. Maximaphily Group of Israel (Itzhak Shdemati - Israel)
  383. Mendocino Coast Stamp Club (Chuck Jones - United States)
  384. Mendocino Coast Stamp Club (Chuck Jones - United States)
  385. Merchantville Stamp Club MERPEX (James Natale - United States)
  386. The Meter Stamp Society (Joel Hawkins, President - United States)
  387. Meter Stamp Society (Kevin John Cabbage - United States)
  388. Meter Stamp Society (Kevin John Cabbage - United States)
  389. Mexican Federation of Philately (Mexico)
  390. Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Society International (Michael Roberts)
  391. MIDAPHIL National Stamp Show (Randy Neil - United States)
  392. Midwest Stamp Dealers Association (United States)
  393. Midwest USA + Canada Stamp Shows (Nancy Hooey and Frank Buono - United States)
  394. Military Postal History Society (Karl Windelman - United States)
  395. Milton Stamp Club Chapter of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (Canada)
  396. StampsMinnesota Minnesota Stamp Dealers Association (MSDA - United States)
  397. Missouri Postal History Society (Alan Barasch - United States)
  398. Mobile Post Office Society (Rick Kunz - United States)
  399. Molde Philately Club (Norway)
  400. Motivgruppe Ingenieurbauten (Engineering, especially bridges) (Horst Brix - Germany)
  401. Muenzen und Geldwesen, Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Werner Mueller - Germany)
  402. Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca (Alejandra Mora Velasco - Mexico)
  403. Närpes Filatelister (Finland)
  404. NAPEX National Philatelic Expositions (Nick Carter - United States)
  405. Natal & Zululand Study Circle (John Dickson, Secretary - United Kingdom)
  406. National Association of Journalists and Philatelic Writers (Hernani Matos - Portugal)
  407. National Duck Stamp Collectors (June Berwald - United States)
  408. The National Federation Italian Philatelic Traders (Lorenzo Dellavalle, President - Italy)
  409. National Philatelic Society (Graeme MacDonald - United Kingdom)
  410. Navicula Ships on Stamps (Bjoern Moritz - Germany)
  411. Nederlandse Bond van Filatelisten-Verenigingen (The Netherlands)
  412. Nederlandse Vereniging van Postzegel Verzamelaars Afdeling Nijmegen (R.P.van Bruggen - Netherlands)
  413. Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle (Rainer Fuchs - United States)
  414. Netherlands Philatelists of California (Erling Berger - United States)
  415. New Forest Philatelic Society (Mrs G M Foster - United Kingdom)
  416. New Jersey Postal History Society (Jean Walton, Secretary - United States)
  417. The New York Chapter of The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society (Michael Heller - United States)
  418. New Zealand Philatelic Federation (Bob Gibson - New Zealand)
  419. New Zealand Society of Great Britain (Robert Clark - United Kingdom)
  420. New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club Inc. (Steven McLachlan, President - New Zealand)
  421. New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. (New Zealand)
  422. New Zealand Stamp Exhibition 2001 (New Zealand)
  423. Newburyport Stamp Club (Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and Industry - United States)
  424. Newport and Gwent Philatelic Society (John Perry - United Kingdom)
  425. Nicaragua Study Group (Erick Rodriguez - United States)
  426. NORDIA 2001 (John DuBois and Toke Nørby - Denmark)
  427. Norfolk Island Stamps Official Norfolk Post Collectors Club (Norfolk Post - Norfolk Island)
  428. North Rhine-Westphalia e. V (Germany)
  429. Northeast Federation of Stamp Clubs (John DuBois - United States)
  430. Northeast Federation of Stamp Clubs (United States)
  431. Norvegiana Brevklubb Philatelic Correspondence Club (Hallvard Slettebo - Norway)
  432. Norwegian Philatelic Society (Norsk Filatelist Klubb) (Hallvard Slettebø - Norway)
  433. Norwegian Stamp Dealers' Association (Norway)
  434. Nova Scotia Stamp Club (Canada)
  435. Nova Scotia Stamp Club (Heather MacKenzie, President - Canada)
  436. NVI Club (Alain Vailly, President - France)
  437. Odense Stamp Club (Brian Truelsen - Denmark)
  438. Ohio Postal History Society (Tom McMahon - United States)
  439. Olymphilex 2000 (Mark Field - Australia)
  440. Olympic and Sports Collectors Club of Berlin/Germany (Günter Sauer, President - Germany)
  441. Oppegård Philately Club (Norway)
  442. Orchid Stamp Club International (Ian Chalmers - Australia)
  443. Orchid Stamp Collector Club (Gerhard Leiste - Germany)
  444. Oregon Stamp Co-op (Bill Stahl - United States)
  445. Oregon Stamp Society (Albert Valente - United States)
  446. Oriental and Near East Philatelic Society (Gary Paiste - United States)
  447. Oriental Philatelic Association of London (OPAL) (United Kingdom)
  448. The Pacific Islands Study Circle (PISC) (John Ray - Great Britain)
  449. Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Club (Victor Manta - Switzerland)
  450. The San Diego Historical Society Panama-California Exposition ~ San Diego ~ 1915-1916 Postcards (United States)
  451. Papuan Philatelic Society (Andrew Loughran - United Kingdom)
  452. Paraguay Collectors Club (Joe Hahn - United States)
  453. Peach State Stamp Show '96 (Ed Jackson - United States)
  454. Peach State Stamp Show 98 (Ed Jackson - United States)
  455. PENPEX Stamp Show (Bruce Marsden - United States)
  456. Perfin Club Nederland (Joe Coulbourne - The Netherlands)
  457. The Perfin Club of New Zealand and Australia (Joe Coulbourne - Australia)
  458. The Perfin Society of Great Britain (Joe Coulbourne - United States)
  459. Permian Basin Stamp Club (Ronald Strawser - United States)
  460. Peruvian Society of Thematic Philately (Peru)
  461. Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition Home Page (Stephen Washburne - United States)
  462. Philaned Stamp Exhibition on the Internet (Andries Filmer - The Netherlands)
  463. PHILANIPPON'01 Japan World Stamp Exhibition 2001 (Japan)
  464. Philatelic Activity in Victoria Area PAVA (H. Armstrong - Canada)
  465. Philatelic Association of Saint Andre (France)
  466. Philatelic Club of Brazil (Rubem Porto Jr. - Brazil)
  467. Philatelic Computing Study Group (Bob de Violini, Webmaster)
  468. Philatelic Congress of India (VP and Secretary General, Dilip Shah - India)
  469. Philatelic Federation of Finland (PFF - Finland)
  470. Philatelic Federation of Iceland (Hálfdan Helgason - Iceland)
  471. Philatelic Foundation Christchurch, Inc. (Steven Mclachlan - New Zealand)
  472. Philatelic Group of Central West France (France)
  473. Philatelic Music Circle (PMC) (Ian Summers - United Kingdom)
  474. Philatelic Organizations of Saint Louis, Missouri (United States)
  475. Philatelic Societies of the World (Robert Murray Stamp Shop - Scotland)
  476. Philatelic Society (Basingstoke & District) (Tom Fowler - United Kingdom)
  477. Philatelic Society (Fleet & North Hants) (J.A.C Farmer - United Kingdom)
  478. Philatelic Society (Petersfield & District) (United Kingdom)
  479. Philatelic Society (Portsmouth & District) (United Kingdom)
  480. Philatelic Society (Ringwood) (United Kingdom)
  481. Philatelic Society (Southampton & District) (United Kingdom)
  482. Philatelic Society (Stubbington) (United Kingdom)
  483. Philatelic Society (Waterlooville & District) (P J Davidson - United Kingdom)
  484. Philatelic Society and Numismática Granadina (Spain)
  485. The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa (Bob Hisey, Treasurer - United States)
  486. The Philatelic Society of Canberra Inc. (Australia)
  487. Philatelic Society of Malaysia (Malaysia)
  488. Philatelic Society of New South Wales (D. Leonard - Australia)
  489. Philatelic Study Group Former USSR (Jayseth Guberman - Russia)
  490. Philatelic Traders' Society (United Kingdom)
  491. Philatelic Vexillology Society (Robert Murray - Scotland)
  492. Philatelic Webmasters Organization (Victor Manta - Switzerland)
  493. The Philatelic Youth of Norway (Niels Henrik Jensen - Norway)
  494. Philatelic Youth of Sweden (Andreas Bjork - Sweden)
  495. Philatelic Youth of Sweden (Per Lindqvist - Sweden)
  496. The Philatelist's Corner (Caroline Fumat - France)
  497. Philatélic Club Arlonais a.s.b.l. (René BOUCHE, President - France)
  498. The Philip Boileau Collectors' Society Postcards (Karen Gamlin - United States)
  499. PNC³ Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (Ronald Maifeld - United States)
  500. Pori Stamp Club (Ossi Kunnas - Finland)
  501. Portuguese Philatelic Federation (Hernoni Antonio Carmelo de Matos - Portugal)
  502. Portuguese Philatelic Society unofficial (David Stirrups - United Kingdom)
  503. Post Mark Collectors Club (United States)
  504. Postaemter der Briefregion 09 in Alten & Neuen Ansichten (Patrick Lohse - Germany)
  505. Postal History Society of China (Tommy Chiu - China)
  506. Postal Stationery Society of Australia (Hans Karman - Australia)
  507. The Postal Stationery Society (United Kingdom)
  508. The Postal Stationery Society (Michael Smith - United Kingdom)
  509. Postcard Traders Association (Peter James, Secretary - United Kingdom)
  510. PostEurop Association of European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop)
  511. Postmark Collectors Club (Terry Meier - United States)
  512. Postzegelclub De Drie Sleutels (Belgium)
  513. Postzegelvereniging Haarlemmermeer Online (The Netherlands)
  514. Precancel Stamp Society - Great Britian (C M Philip - United Kingdom)
  515. The Precancel Stamp Society (Michael Hynes - United States)
  516. Quad City Stamp Club (United States)
  517. QUI Filatelia (Piero Macrelli - Italy)
  518. The Raflet Stamp Club Founded in 1958 (Keith Mumford & Alex Hutty - Great Britain)
  519. Railway Philatelic Group (United Kingdom)
  520. The Raleigh Stamp Club (Scott Marusak - United States)
  521. Redding Stamp Club (David Laraway - United States)
  522. Regional Group of Philatelic Associations of the Center-Loire (LIBEAU Ch - France)
  523. Rhode Island Philatelic Society (R.I.P.S. Shawn Pease - United States)
  524. Rhodesian Study Circle (Michael Hoffman - Scotland)
  525. Riverside Stamp Club American Philatelic Society Chapter (Robert Kohl, President - United States)
  526. Roadrunner Stamp Club (Steve Staton - United States)
  527. Rochester Philatelic Association (John Kellas, President - United States)
  528. Rockwell Stamp Club "Sticky Stamp Club" (United States)
  529. Rocky Mountain Stamp Show - ROMPEX (Roger Rydberg - United States)
  530. Romsey and District Philatelic Society (Julian Jones - United Kingdom)
  531. ROPEX 2001 (United States)
  532. The Rossica Society of Russian Philately (Jeff Radcliffe - United States)
  533. Royal Naval Philatelic Society (Robert Fosterjohn - United Kingdom)
  534. Royal Philatelic Society London (United Kingdom)
  535. Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (Robin Harris - Canada)
  536. Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand,Inc Stamps & Postal History (Adam Miller - New Zealand)
  537. Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Society information, Postal Bid Sales, Members Online, Publications (Adam Miller - New Zealand)
  538. Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria (Charles Bromsert - Australia)
  539. Russian Postal History (Anatoly Kiryushkin - Belarus)
  540. Saint Louis Stamp Expo (Alan Barasch - United States)
  541. San Diego Area Stamp Clubs (S.C.Virtes - United States)
  542. Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition (Sarasota Philatelic Club - United States)
  543. Sarawak Specialists' Society Stamps and Postal History of Sarawak, Brunei, North Borneo (Sabah) and Labuan (John A. Morgan - United Kingdom)
  544. Sarawak Specialists' Society (United Kingdom)
  545. Saskatoon Stamp Club (Doug Smith - Canada)
  546. Scandinavia Philatelic Society (Paul Herber - United Kingdom)
  547. Scandinavian Collectors Club - New England Chapter 5 (John DuBois - United States)
  548. Scandinavian Collectors Club (Sandra Downs - United States)
  549. Schweizerische Vereinigung fuer Postgeschichte (Peter R. Elbau - Switzerland)
  550. Scottish Philatelic Trade Association (Scotland)
  551. Scout Air & Space Mail (Keith Larson - United States)
  552. Scout and Guide Stamps Club (Bob Lee, Secretary - United Kingdom)
  553. Scoutisme et Collection (France)
  554. Scouts on Stamps Society International (SOSSI) (Keith Larson - United States)
  555. Secção Filatélica da Associação Académica de Coimbra (J. Cura - Portugal)
  556. Sentrum Philately Club (Norway)
  557. SESCAL: Stamp Exhibition of Southern California (Robert de Violini - United States)
  558. Ship Stamp Society (Phil Hanley - United Kingdom)
  559. Ship Stamp Society (Erik Philippus - The Netherlands)
  560. Ships on Stamps Unit American Topical Association (Myron Molnau - United States)
  561. Siberia Stamps Exchange Club (Kotov Anton - Russia)
  562. Sierra Circuit Exchange Club (Carol Trainor, Managing Director - United States)
  563. Singapore Stamp Show (David Lim - Singapore)
  564. Sociedad Filatelica de La Coruna (Miguel Maestro - Spain)
  565. Sociedad Filatelica El Salvador
  566. Sociedad Filatelica Regiomontana (Sofirrey) (Jorge Wise - Mexico)
  567. Sociedad Filatélica de El Salvador (SFES - El Salvador)
  568. Sociedad Filatélica y Numismßtica Granadina (S.F.N.G.) (José R. Nevot - Spain)
  569. Society for Birds on Stamps (Sweden)
  570. The Society for Costa Rica Collectors (SOCORICO) (Secretary, Raul Hernandez - United States)
  571. Society for Czechoslovak Philately (Jaroslav Verner)
  572. Society for Hungarian Philately (H. Alan Hoover - United States)
  573. Society for Polish Philately in Great Britain (Jan Korzeniowski - United Kingdom)
  574. Society for Thai Philately (Pete Iber, Editor - Thai Philately Journal - Thailand)
  575. Society for the Study of the New Republics of the Former USSR (Michael Padwee - United States)
  576. Society of Australasian Specialists Oceania (Paul Tyler, President - United States)
  577. Society of Indo-China Philatelists (Ron Bentley, Editor / Executive Secretary - United States)
  578. The Society of Israel Philatelists (J. Eric Slone - Israel)
  579. Society of Israel Philatelists (Emil S. Dickstein - Israel)
  580. Society of Space Stamps (Switzerland)
  581. Sofiles International Philatelic Circuit (JoseAfonso Miranda - Brazil)
  582. South Auckland Philatelic Society (Alistair Burns - New Zealand)
  583. South Shore Junior Stamp Club (C. Lloyd Tancock - Canada)
  584. South Shore Stamp Club (C. Lloyd Tancock - Canada)
  585. Southern California Stamp Expos (Israel Bick - United States)
  586. Space Philately (Robert Keller - Germany)
  587. Space Topic Study Unit (Dr.Ross Smith - United States)
  588. Spalding and District Stamp Club (F. J. Wilson - England)
  589. SPAN, Society of Philatelists and Numismatists (Jim Opperman - United States)
  590. Spanish Study Circle unofficial (David Stirrups - United Kingdom)
  591. Spokane Inland Empire Philatelic Society (David Harris - United States)
  592. Sports Philatelists International (Mark C. Maestrone, President - United States)
  593. Sporvejenes Frimµrke- og m°ntklub (Kristian Kyhl - Denmark)
  594. Spring-Ford Philatelic Society (Mark Connelly - United States)
  595. St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society (Dr. Russell V. Skavaril - United States)
  596. St. John's Philatelic Society (Canada)
  597. St. Pierre and Miquelon Philatelic Society (James Taylor - Canada)
  598. Stamp Club (Alton & District) (John Cresswell - United Kingdom)
  599. Stamp Club (Andover) (Steve Jarvis - United Kingdom)
  600. Stamp Club (Chichester & District) (G W Osborne - United Kingdom)
  601. Stamp Club (Milford On Sea) (Miss Joan Patchett - United Kingdom)
  602. Stamp Club from Frankfurt am Oder, Germany (Germany)
  603. Stamp Club from Grenå og Omegns, Denmark (Denmark)
  604. Stamp Club from Grindsted, Denmark (Denmark)
  605. Stamp Club from Mannheim, Germany (Germany)
  606. Stamp Club from Schleswig-Holstein,Germany (Germany)
  607. Stamp Club from Steinheim, Germany (Germany)
  608. Stamp Club of Springfield Virginia (Gerald T. Frazier - United States)
  609. Stamp Club of Turku and Stamp Magazine (Finland)
  610. Stamp Club Ring
  611. Stamp Club (Canada)
  612. Stamp Page of Verein Wiesloch e.V. (Verein Wiesloch - Germany)
  613. Stamp Show 2000 (The Secretariat - United Kingdom)
  614. Stamp Sites for African Philately (Michael Hoffman - Scotland)
  615. Stamp Society (Winchester & District) (J R Woodson - United Kingdom)
  616. Stamp Society of Pakistan (Rizwan Kodwavwala - Pakistan)
  617. Stamp Swap Club Forums (United States)
  618. STAMPA - The Irish National Stamp Exhibition (Michael Connolly - United States)
  619. Stampex The British National Stamp Exhibition. (United Kingdom)
  620. Stamporama (Andrea Webber - United States)
  621. Stamps 4 Fun Interactive Collectors Community (United Kingdom)
  622. Stamps on Stamps Centenary Unit (William E. Critzer - United States)
  623. Stamps World Exhibition London 90 (Victor Manta - Switzerland)
  624. StampSwops The Virtual Philatelic Club (United Kingdom)
  625. State Revenue Society (SRS - United States)
  626. Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland (The Netherlands)
  627. Stirling and District Philatelic Society (Robert Clark - Scotland)
  628. Sunnyvale Stamp Society (Mr. Herbert Saylor and Dr. Russell V. Skavaril - United States)
  629. Swedish Military Postal History Society (Lars Lindblad - Sweden)
  630. Swedish Philatelic Federation (Sweden)
  631. Swedish Postal History Society (Sweden)
  632. Swindon Philatelic Society (Wendy Buckle, President - United Kingdom)
  633. Swiss Philatelic Societies (Switzerland)
  634. Swiss Postal Stationery Collectors Club (Switzerland)
  635. Tønsberg Philatelic Club (Knut Hansen - Norway)
  636. Tallahassee Stamp & Cover Club (Larry Benson - Newsletter Editor - United States)
  637. Tannu Tuva Collectors Society Inc (Ken Simon - United States)
  638. TAVASTEX 2002 (Seppo Talvio - Finland)
  639. Texas Philatelic Association (Arthur P. von Reyn - United States)
  640. Texas Precancel Club (John C. Foster, Secretary - United States)
  641. The Thailand Philatelic Society (Stephen Parker - United Kingdom)
  642. Thames Stamp Club (United States)
  643. The British Society of Russian Philately (George Henderson, President - United Kingdom)
  644. Themabelga®: The Magazine Thematic Philately (Yannick Delaey and Jacques A. Desimpelaere - Belgium)
  645. Themaphilex Thematische Filatelie Nederland (The Netherlands)
  646. Thematics Queensland (John Hodgkinson - Australia)
  647. Tonga and Tin Can Mail Study Circle (Janet Klug - United States)
  648. Topical Philately Southwest (Dieter H. Schmidt - Germany)
  649. Truro Philatelic Society (Barry Zolkivski, President - Canada)
  650. Turkish Stamps (Yusuf +ZEREN - Turkey)
  651. The U.S. Cancellation Club (Bob "Track" Trachimowicz - United States)
  652. U.S. Philatelic Classics Society (Mark Rogers - United States)
  653. UFPP-SATA: French Union of Polar Philately (Gérard Brandel, Chairman - France)
  654. UK Squared Circle (Stanley Cohen - United Kingdom)
  655. Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society (Dr. Ingert Kuzych - United States)
  656. Uncle Sam Stamp Club (Terrill S. Miller, President - United States)
  657. Unione Filatelica Subalpina (Andrea Mori - Italy)
  658. United Postal Stationery Society World-wide Stamped Envelopes and Postal Cards (Cary Finder - United States)
  659. United States Stamp Society (Mike Lampson)
  660. Universal Ship Cancellation Society (Elgin Sink - United States)
  661. Universal Union of Collectors Spanish Speaking Worldwide Stamp Collectors (Johnny Hendrick - United States)
  662. University City Stamp Club (Rick LaFlam - United States)
  663. US Postal Memorabilia Society (Gil Linderman - United States)
  664. Vågå Philatelic Club (Norway)
  665. Vadsø Philately Club (Ernst Bendiksen - Norway)
  666. Valley Stamp Club (Jack Colwell, President - United States)
  667. VAPEX (Rudy Roy - United States)
  668. Vatican Philatelic Society (Sal Quinonez, Membership Chairman - United States)
  669. Ventura County Philatelic Society (George Lyon, President - United States)
  670. Verein für Briefmarkenkunde von 1885 e.V. Mainz (V. Mainz - Germany)
  671. Verein fnr Briefmarkenkunde Rodelheim e.V. (Alexander Spoelstra - Germany)
  672. Verein fuer Briefmarkenkunde Koblenz e.V. Stamp Club Founded 1886 (Martin Koenen - Germany)
  673. Verein fuer Briefmarkenkunde Wuerzburg e.V. Stamp Club Founded 1880 (Martin Koenen - Germany)
  674. Vilvoordse Postzegelclub Thematic Writed Sales of Philatelic Items (Francis - Belgium)
  675. Virtual Stamp Club (Lloyd A. de Vries - United States)
  676. Warren Area Stamp Club - Warren, Ohio (United States)
  677. Warrenton Stamp and Coin Club (Dick Herbert and Tony Tripi - United States)
  678. Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition (Doug Lehmann - United States)
  679. Washington Philatelic Society (Ernesto Cuesta - United States)
  680. Washington State Philatelic Society (Tom Ward, Treasurer - United States)
  681. Waterlow Study Circle (Alan Green - United Kingdom)
  682. Webster Groves Stamp Club (United States)
  683. Welsh Philatelic Society (Peter Brindley, President - United Kingdom)
  684. West Africa Study Circle (Frank Walton - United Kingdom)
  685. West Africa Study Circle (Peter Richards - United Kingdom)
  686. West of England Thematic Society (Jim Wigmore - United Kingdom)
  687. West Side Stamp Club Lakewood, Co (Mike Porter - United States)
  688. West Suburban Stamp Club, Plymouth-Canton, Michigan (Joe Picard, Secretary - United States)
  689. West Volusia Stamp Club (Harry L. Sellards, Jr. - United States)
  690. Western Australia Study Group (Brian Pope - Australia)
  691. Western Philatelic Library (David McNamee - United States)
  692. Westmoreland County Philatelic Society (Jim Vaughn - United States)
  693. WESTPEX (Ross Towle - United States)
  694. The Wichita Stamp Club (Rex Cornelius - United States)
  695. Winnipeg Philatelic Society (Canada)
  696. Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs (Founded 1932 - United States)
  697. Women and Philately (Birgit Heidemann-Chen - Germany)
  698. Women on Stamps Study Unit American Topical Association (Phebe Royer Meek - United States)
  699. World Wide Fund for Nature Stamps (Marc Steurs - Belgium)
  700. Wreck and Crash Mail Society (Ken Sanford - United States)
  701. The Wuerzburg Stamp Club of 1880 (Martin Koenen - Germany)
  702. Young Stamp Collectors from Forch - Pfannenstiel (Germany)
  703. Young Stamp Friends of Berlin and Brandenburg (Thomas Pescht - Germany)
  704. Young Stamp Friends of Heidelberg-Rohrbach (Germany)
  705. Young Stamp Friends of St. Ingbert (Germany)
  706. ZuidHollandse Vereniging van Postzegel Verzamelaars (The Netherlands)
  707. ÅLEX 2000 Näyttelyn Erityissäännöt (Finland)

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