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Collecting As A Hobby
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Collecting As A Hobby

STAMP COLLECTING, AS A HOBBY, provides peace of mind, visual education, fraternity, and a means of revenue. It is also a hobby recognizing no barriers of race, color, religion or age, and has been well-termed as the "king of hobbies and hobby of kings." Laborers and merchants, struggling clerks and industrial magnates, have felt the urge to collect stamps and its related material, and have found happiness in doing so. Pennies and thousands of dollars may be the extent of purchases, yet all are bound by a strong tie, and the greatest students find pleasure in the collections of the novice.

Stamps are an outlet, and they are a repose. Normal labors and such wonderful inventions as automobiles, radio and television may interfere, but none can cut off the enjoyment of this hobby.

Each tiny bit of stamped paper has many stories for those who wish to find them-in production, design or distribution. Stamps are the world, and all of the people in it. Stamps graphically tell of the rise and fall of nations, and peoples, and in many instances, tell of the history to be. Stamps permit free expression of the individual-the laborer may devote himself to music, or authors, on stamps; the college professor may collect nudes; an earthbound man may trace the development of air flight and transport; and a childless woman may gather stamps picturing children.

Stamps are dreams, as they are realistic. They are private property and therefore very personal belongings. No man, however high his place in the hobby, has the right to dictate collecting interests, and, fortunately, no one of any importance has tried to do that.

In the field of stamp collecting and dealing there are, as might well be expected, those whose interests are selfish, and who are engaged in activities which are harmful in many respects, yet the great majority are just nice people and an asset to any nation.

If those responsible for the education of our children will recognize the value of stamp collecting in developing neatness, knowledge, and friendship, this hobby and those in it will benefit. If the wonderful outlets of the press, radio and television are utilized, stamp collecting will rise to even greater heights.

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